Great Educators
USD 79.00

Bully Prevention Certification

The Bully Prevention Certification Course is designed to go in depth into the bullying epidemic. Learn about the problem, the solution, and how to implement a Comprehensive Plan to prevent bullying in your community.

USD 99.00

Improving Test Scores

Get the tools to give your students the confidence and skills
they need to demonstrate their learning on an all-important assessment.

USD 99.00

Responding to an Active Shooter

In this course we will help you understand how to respond to an active shooter in your school. We will help you create and understand a plan of action that makes sense for your team, your students, and your specific classroom situation.

USD 79.00

Understanding Body Image, Self-esteem and Eating Disorders

Throughout this course you will get inside different eating disorders and be able to place yourself in the shoes of their victims. You will better understand what kids are dealing with when it comes to body image and self-esteem.